IES Texas Solar Publishes Interview on the IES Approach to Installing Solar Panels – Digital Journal

IES Texas Solar Publishes Interview on the IES Approach to Installing Solar Panels – Digital Journal

IES Texas Solar, a company located throughout Texas, has announced the publication of a new blog post that features an interview with Business Development Manager Brandon Rickett that focused on the IES Texas Solar’s approach to installing solar panels. IES Texas Solar has more than 40 years of experience in serving the needs of residential and commercial buildings in Texas. Brandon develops and nurtures relationships with custom home builders. He suggests IES Texas Solar as a Solar Energy solution provider to help customers decide if solar energy is a good alternative for them. Currently, IES is working with approximately 50 custom home builders in the San Antonio/New Braunfels area.

In the interview, Brandon Rickett says, “Our job is to be a resource for our customers, which are the custom home builders, and work directly with the customers that have entrusted them to build their house. So we, as a company, do the wiring of the home, we do the installation of the solar equipment. And there’s a huge benefit of working with one company. We can come in at certain aspects of construction where the frame is up. We’ve just got the wood timber that’s supporting the house before all the sheetrock and drywall is actually installed. And we can go in and actually install all the pieces that help support the solar system prior to the construction of the home being completed. This helps improve the aesthetic factor of the home.”

Homeowners and other building owners realize the advantage of having a solar panel installation when they compare their annual electric bills to the solar system costs. Brandon Rickett points out that frequently, the solar costs are truly lower compared to their current electric bills. IES Texas Solar works directly with custom home builders. Both parties discuss the various alternatives with regards to installing customized solar energy systems for a particular home or building, where the solar panels are to be mounted, their orientation, and where the batteries/generators will be installed. The discussions will also include the type of roof surface material to be used.

IES Texas Solar will also take a look at the footprint of the home and discuss the lifestyle of the family to determine the family’s energy consumption and estimate how much reduction can be expected in their electric bill. Basically, they will try to obtain a comprehensive load profile for the family so that the solar energy system can be set to provide those specific needs. Future changes in energy consumption are taken into account through the modular design of the solar energy system that they install. This allows them to easily expand their existing Solar Energy system when energy needs increase. All that would be needed would be to add more panels and a micro-inverter without requiring any changes to the infrastructure.

IES Texas Solar also ensures that the aesthetics of the home is considered. Thus, they will also discuss with the home builder and the customer the importance of the orientation of the home so that energy production is maximized. They will also see to it that the solar panels will be placed and constructed in such a way that they don’t destroy the aesthetics of the home.

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